IPA Keyboard Layout for Windows

This is a Windows keyboard layout for typing all the characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet, as detailed in the Handbook of the International Phonetic Association. To use it effectively, you should make sure you have a suitable font, such as Doulos SIL or Charis SIL.

The layout is entirely my design (created using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator), so if you have any comments or questions, do email me at richard@rejc2.co.uk. The source file is included in the zip file.

I’ll try to make a more complete website and instructions available soon. Complete diagrams for the ‘dead’ keys are included in the zip file, while the basic layout is as follows:


IPA keyboard layout


IPA keyboard layout

Also useful are:


(Please note that this keyboard will only work well on Windows 2000, XP or Vista, since Window 9x does not support Unicode.)


Please note, these instructions are for Windows XP.

After unzipping and running IPA-keys.msi, you need to go to Control Panel and open Regional Settings (or the equivalent item in Windows Vista). Then click on the Languages tab, click “Details...”, then click “Add...”. Find IPA in the list, and click OK on all three windows.

After this, you should get a language bar notifier on the task bar:


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